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Gutter Repairs Kingston Upon Thames

Here at Fulham Roofing we supply, fit, install and repair Gutters. Gutters add value to your property, we can ensure they mimic the style and appearance of your property as well as making your home water-resistant.

What the job entails
There are a number of common causes of gutter leaks or blockages, so the actual work involved in repairing guttering will vary depending on the type of guttering and the exact problem. The simplest fix of all is probably a blocked gutter caused by leaves, twigs or other debris.
The next most common cause of problems is gutters leaking around the joints, this is normally caused by the rubber seals perishing over time. Missing or damaged brackets can also cause leaks and these need to be replaced. If there are numerous leaks from many different places and the guttering is way past its prime, you should consider a full replacement rather than attempting to fix multiple problems with at best temporary repairs.
The guttering is fixed to the fascia boards, so if the fascia is rotten this should be replaced at the same time, there is no point repairing gutters that are fixed to rotten roofline timber. Now would be a good time to consider roof tile cleaning to ensure water is running off the roof properly.

If your guttering isn’t working as it is designed to do, water will leak/overflow and eventually saturate the wall below leading to more serious and expensive problems. Treating guttering problems as unimportant minor repairs and putting them off to save money is a false economy. But if considering doing the repairs yourself, be extremely careful when working at height, only position ladders on level, firm ground if possible, if not, bolt stabilisers to the bottom of the ladder on both sides to stop it rocking.
Always make sure your ladder is secure before you start the job and never rest the top of the ladder against the guttering, – use a ladder stand-off to prevent further damaging the guttering. If doing a lot of work, a scaffold tower is a much safer way to access guttering and roofline products. Remember that if the gutters are just blocked with debris, then an old plastic bottle with the base cut off makes a perfect scoop for clearing debris at zero cost!
Although gutter repairs are not technically challenging for most DIY enthusiasts, there are risks involved in repairing your gutter by yourself. So you may want to consider employing professional gutter cleaners, especially for very tall properties. Things can go wrong and end up costing even more when you attempt DIY repairs, for example if you use the wrong sealants to patch seams you could seriously harm your guttering and eventually cause a bigger failure.

Gutters are also a breeding ground for bacteria, full of bird droppings and popular with rodents too, so if you cut yourself you’ll need to see a doctor. In fact, when it comes to working at height, there are numerous ways that you could injure yourself. So if you are not 100% confident carrying out the work yourself get advice from experts and maybe let them do the work on your behalf!

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